The following article was sent to us by Dale Gerrett, the Founder Of Chipper Birds.  He wanted to share it with us due to the benefits bird song can have.

Why Bird Music Is Great For Relaxation, Stress And Anxiety

If you love birds, you’ll be happy to hear that their chirps and tweets can help you relax when you are feeling anxious – and just in general too. 

Why is bird music great for relaxation and anxiety?

Bird sounds enforce a human’s innate connection with nature; when birds sing, we know we are safe – when they quiet down, we panic.

This instinctive familiarity with bird songs plays a subconscious role in our stress recovery. 

Music therapy has increased in popularity and time, and time again, the impact of music on our well-being has been proven to be nothing other than remarkable.

To read the full article visit Chipper Birds by clicking here.

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