Online Support Forum

We have an extremely active online support forum with over 1500 local parents / carers and a selection of very carefully chosen professionals who help us provide advice.  If you want join please click the button below to join our Facebook SENsational Families Support Group. You will be asked a few questions, but this is to ensure we do our upmost to make sure we only let parents/carers join.  

SENsational Families Online Support Group

Facebook Pages

We normally run a Facebook page with all SEND friendly events and activities taking place in Norfolk however due to the current COVID-19 crisis we have temporarily renamed this page SENsational Families - SEND home learning & Activities and have set up a new Facebook group called SENsational Groceries Hunt to help support SEND families track down items they cannot find because of the limited supplies in Supermarkets.  You can also get more information about the Groceries Hunt from our website - clicking here.

SENsational Families is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1173051.
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