Section H1 (under 18's)

Section H1 states the provision which must be made to meet your child’s needs under section 2 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Person’s Act (CSDPA) 1970. If you have had a ‘Child in Need’ (CiN) (1) assessment, also known as a ‘section 17’, it should be clear what support your child needs. All disabled children are considered a CiN and eligible for an assessment (2).

Provision should be detailed and specific and should normally be quantified, for example, in terms of the type of support and who will provide it (including where this is to be secured through a social care direct payment) (3). It should also be clear how the provision will support the achievement of the outcomes sought.

Section H1 must specify all of the services assessed as being needed. While a LA can determine provision without a CiN assessment, without a full assessment, it cannot be known exactly what a child ‘needs’. Once it has been decided that your child is eligible for services under s2 CSDPA, they must be provided.

Section H1 can include the provision identified for a Parent Carer. A CiN assessment also includes an assessment of Parent Carer and Young Carer needs.

The types of provision stated can include any (or all) of the following:

a) practical assistance in the home
b) provision or assistance in obtaining recreational and educational facilities at home and outside the home
c) assistance in travelling to facilities
d) adaptations to the home
e) facilitating the taking of holidays
f) provision of meals at home or elsewhere
g) provision or assistance in obtaining a telephone and any special equipment necessary
h) non-residential short breaks (included in Section H1 on the basis that the child as well as his or her parent will benefit from the short break)


1 Children Act 1989, s17
2 W, R (on the application of) v. London Borough of Barnet [2003] UKHL 57
3 The Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 2015, s9.69


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