SENsational Families has been hearing from lots of families who are experiencing difficulties in obtaining various items from supermarkets, particularly food and drink items. We understand how concerning this is, especially when children have rigid eating habits. We know that these children won’t simply eat something else if they are hungry or drink a different brand of squash because they are thirsty. This is a real worry for many of us.

We know that supermarkets are imposing strict restrictions on what we can buy. Most only allow customers to buy a maximum of three of any grocery product (both in-store and online), with a limit of 80 items in total for an online shop. We know that this doesn’t help families whose children will only eat or drink certain things.

With this, along with the logistical problems of going shopping and the short supply of supermarket delivery slots in mind, we are taking action to help.

We have created a new page ‘SENsational Grocery Hunt’ where families can make known the items they are struggling to get hold of and anyone willing, can try to help in finding them.

We are also holding an updated list of items here,  for easy viewing. Please either get in touch on the page or contact us here [email protected] with any help you may be able to offer.

We dearly hope this will help many families.

How does the Facebook Group work?

Only posts about products needed or found will be allowed. 

No general chat or discussion about supermarkets please, just to keep comments on subject and the group easy to follow - we hope you understand 🙂

  1. The pinned post ‘PRODUCT HUNT’ at the top of the group is where you tell us which item/s you need
  2. Comment with details of the product you need, quantity and your postcode in ‘PRODUCT HUNT’. Add a photo/ link to the specific item needed.
  3. If you need more than one item, please make a separate comment for each
  4. Anyone with info on location of the item please tag the Hunter in a new post
  5. Arrangements re: buying/ collecting can then be made in this new post ONLY  •When the Hunter has the product in the quantity needed, please delete from the pinned post
  6. Members can hunt and post as many times as needed
  7. To widen the search, SENsational Families will keep a master spreadsheet of items  (without names) to share publicly which will be continually updated - this can be found below.

If you have not already joined the Facebook Group, why not click here and join now!

The Spreadsheet

SENsational Families is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1173051.
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