Section A

This section is a narrative about your child. It is ‘your’ section rather than the professionals’. It is expected that it will also include the voice of your child, or the words of the Young Person (1).

Section B

The Needs Assessment will have sought advice and information from a range of professionals and identified your child’s needs, provision and outcomes. It is important that these are considered in this order, you cannot consider what provision is required until you know what your child’s needs are (1). Section B is dedicated to your child’s special educational needs (SEN).

Section c

This section must specify any identified health needs your child has, which relate to their Special Educational Needs (SEN). Some basic health care needs, such as routine dental needs are unlikely to be considered as ‘related to SEN’.

Section D

This section is about your child or young person’s Social Care needs. During the Needs Assessment for the Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, advice and information about social care needs must be sought. Saying ‘nil’, ‘not know to this service’ etc. is unlikely to satisfy the requirement to seek advice and information. It could be that your child is assessed as not having social care needs at this time. If that is the case, this section could say that.

Section E

Section E details the outcomes being sought for you child. Outcomes are the effect of the provision in section F and should also relate to the aspirations written in section A. There should be a range of outcomes over varying timescales, covering education, health and social care.

Section F

This section describes all the special educational provision your child must have. It follows on from section B which described all of their special educational needs. This section is written after section B, but before section E (outcomes) and section I (educational placement). It is not until sections B and F are written, can it be known whether a school can meet the child’s needs (1).

Section G

This section should detail any health provision reasonably required by your child’s special educational needs (SEN). Provision should be detailed and specific and should normally be quantified, for example, in terms of the type of support and who will provide it (1).

Section H1

Section H1 states the provision which must be made to meet your child’s needs under section 2 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Person’s Act (CSDPA) 1970. If you have had a ‘Child in Need’ (CiN) (1) assessment, also known as a ‘section 17’, it should be clear what support your child needs. All disabled children are considered a CiN and eligible for an assessment (2).

Section H2

This section is for any other social care provision reasonably required by the learning difficulties or disabilities which result in your child or young person having Special Educational Needs (SEN) (4)

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